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... to the Friends' website - our resource of news and information about the 'almost lost' theatre at Alexandra Palace. and about the Friends. Please look back from time to time to keep up with news. Even better, and simpler, sign up below for our newsletter, and we'll keep you updated on the current state of the theatre, what's happening now, the repair and re-making of the theatre, the wider plans for the regeneration of Alexandra Palace, and especially, what the Friends are doing. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!

Membership of the Friends is currently a nominal £5 (£2 concessions), and will mean you're kept more closely 'in the loop' than the general public. We'd love you to join us!

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About the Friends

Friends of the Theatre – Alexandra Palace


Trustees Powers
Under the Alexandra Park and Palace Act 1985 the trustee’s charitable objects are to maintain the Park and Palace and other lands and make them available for the free use and recreation of the public forever. Within this remit the Trustees have the power to engage in activities which in their judgement promote the use and enjoyment of the park and palace. It is within these objects that the Friends of the Theatre group is being created to enhance and promote the use of the Victorian theatre. The group operates under the powers devolved from the board of trustees.

Mission Statement
The group is being formed to assist the trustees of Alexandra Palace and Park Charitable Trust to raise awareness in, raise funds for and develop the Victorian theatre. It is a vehicle to gain interest within the local and theatre communities, raise funds in order to refurbish the theatre and consider uses consistent with contemporary requirements and public safety.

The purpose of Friends of the Theatre is to, provide the focus necessary to guide the refurbishment of the theatre by:
* Advise on the programme of works necessary to bring the theatre into effective use.
* Generate funds to support the programme of works.
* Explore and advise on the range of uses.

Membership is open to individuals and representatives from organisations with an interest in theatre and historical buildings. Applications for membership should be sent to the secretary. Members shall be admitted on payment of the appropriate annual subscription.

Friends of the Theatre shall have four officers, namely;
* Chair
* Secretary
* Press & Publicity Officer
* Treasurer

The officers shall be elected annually at the AGM by and from the members of Friends of the Theatre. Any vacancy arising among the officers may be filled by an election at an ordinary meeting. A further four persons from the wider membership will be elected on to the committee. Three will be elected at the AGM, the fourth position will be nominated by the board of trustees of Alexandra Palace and Park.

The officers, together with the other four members elected at the AGM shall form the committee who shall have the powers to co-opt other members to the committee, if they deem necessary. The patrons automatically become co-opted members on agreement to serve as patrons.

The committee shall be responsible for:
* The general management of affairs of Friends of the Theatre.
* Determining the membership or exclusion of individuals or organisations.
* Ensuring meetings are accessible to all regardless of race, sex or disability.
* Resolving any disputes related to Friends of the Theatre arising between members.
* Enacting the decisions of the meetings of Friends of the Theatre.
* Producing an annual report for consideration by the membership at the AGM.
* To produce quarterly reports to the General Manager for consideration by the Alexandra Palace and Park Board of Trustees.
* To produce a regular newsletter.

The committee shall have the powers to:
* Call meetings for Friends of the Theatre.
* Take up issues and respond to matters of consultation on behalf of Friends of the Theatre.
* Delegate or authorise individuals to act on behalf of Friends of the Theatre.
* Invite non-members to attend meetings.
* Publish articles and newsletters of interest to members.
* Decide all questions regarding membership of Friends of the Theatre.
* Make recommendations to the trustees on matters falling within its purview; and in particularly any expenditure of the funds raised.

Membership subscription shall be determined annually and agreed by the membership at an AGM. Subscriptions shall be paid annually and will fall due on the anniversary of the AGM. When a membership remains unpaid for six months the membership will be deemed cancelled. The committee may reinstate a cancelled membership on payment of the outstanding subscriptions.

All funds and assets shall be held, paid out and applied by Alexandra Palace and Park Trustees. All funds raised, fall within the definition of “restricted” funds and may only be applied to the theatre refurbishment project. The charity’s auditor as part of the annual audit of the charity’s accounts will audit the restricted fund account.

Friends of the Theatre should meet every 2 months. The committee may call additional meetings as and when required. The chair should determine the agenda for the meetings. One of the meetings should be the Annual General Meeting, normally to be held in March. The committee shall convene a meeting for a special purpose if requested by a minimum of 8 members, excluding the four officers. Matters to be considered at any meeting must be notified to the secretary two weeks in advance. Decisions shall be reached on a resolution by a simple majority of those present and voting. The quorum for any meeting shall be the committee and an equal number of members.

Recommendations on changes to this constitution shall only be made on a resolution of at least two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the AGM and following at least two months notice of any such change. No changes can be made to the constitution without the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Winding Up
The Friends of the Theatre may be wound up on a resolution of at least two-thirds majority of the total membership at the time. In the event of winding up any unexpended balance of grant or funds raised by or made by public or other bodies shall either remain within the “restricted” fund within Alexandra Palace accounts for future work on the theatre or shall be refunded.