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News 18 Dec 2017

Dear Friends and supporters

Christmas and New Year is a time when we can all look to some downtime and relaxation, but the pace of development of the Theatre and activity around it shows no sign of letting up.

In this email newsletter we bring you news of the latest video on the Friends' YouTube channel, which takes you inside the Theatre to see how building work is progressing in a virtual tour. Many thanks go to Fapt committee member and filmmaker Richard Smith for his continuing excellent work. His preview of the video is below.

Finally, Alexandra Palace continues to offer the chance to sponsor a seat in the Theatre; and our history of the Victorian Theatre at Alexandra Palace, Drama at the Palace, is still available on the Friends website and on Amazon.

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all
Nigel Willmott


We are inside the theatre seeing how the regeneration work is progressing for the latest Friends’ video.

We get under the floor and up close and personal with the ceiling. You’ll find it hard to believe that this is the same, empty and derelict space you will remember and that is featured in the first three history videos on the same YouTube site.

We’ve also been searching through the archives and looking at what was on the bill in the theatre over a hundred years ago. In the process, we also discovered the Alexandra Palace March. The results of our research are being shaped into a video (including a recording we’ve made of the march) that will be released early in 2018. If you visit the site and become a subscriber, you’ll get a notification as soon as it’s released, rather than having to rely on emails like this.

There’s also the Friends of Alexandra Palace Theatre Facebook page, where we put updates, news and photographs. We’d like it if you posted your thoughts and memories on it, too.

Please feel free to share both our YouTube videos and Facebook page, to help spread the word about the theatre and its amazing history and restoration.

Finally, do you or your relatives have any theatre memorabilia (formerly known as clutter) tucked away in a drawer, loft or garage? It might be programmes or news cuttings of any age . . . who knows what’s still out there? The Palace archivists are hungry for more and we’d like to feature them in a future Friends’ video. Please come back to us if you have anything at all.

Richard Smith
FAPT committee member

Find the video here.