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News 2016-10-09

Appeal video

A lot has been happening since the exhibition below was held!

Work has begun in ernest in the theatre, with the original floorboards in the auditorium carefully numbered, lifted, and stored on the stage. This has exposed the fascinating arched dwarf walls that supported the floor. At the rear of the theatre, panelling that had been used to sub-divide the space under the balcony into small rooms used for storage and a bar has been removed. This opened-out space will become the storage area for the retractable seating that will provide the flexibility of use essential for the planned diversity of future uses of the theatre. As you can see from the photos in the slideshow above, all the walls and pillars of the theatre have now been sheathed in wood boards to protect them from accidental damage during the extensive works.

Meanwhile, James Atkinson, the new head of fund-raising, has energetically set in motion the campaign to raise the final tranche of funding needed to complete the project. In the last few weeks, items have appeared in the national press, the London Evening Standard, and on TV news. Here is the new video: Help us bring the Victorian Theatre back to life.