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Postcards based on a Victorian pantomime poster

Postcards based on the original theatre poster featuring the sinister caricature of the Yellow Dwarf, as played by the Victorian star George Conquest, from the 1875 / 1876 pantomime 'Harlequin The Yellow Dwarf; Or, The King Of The Gold Mines'.

For a distinctive Christmas card, birthday card, or for sending a quick but memorable note at any time!

Cards measure 105 x 175 mm, which is about 30 mm longer than a standard postcard. The front has a gloss finish.




The text on the back of the card is:

Alexandra Palace Christmas Pantomime poster c. 1876

George Conquest, the great Victorian pantomime star, created a sensation during his Christmas performances at the Alexandra Palace Theatre. The pantomime was an adaptation of a 1697 French fairy tail where Yellow Dwarf, disguised as a tree then an owl, asks a princess to marry him. Conquest, famous for his acrobatics, used the theatre's stage machinery to make huge leaps of 20 or 30 feet, and to magically disappear through the floor, astonishing audiences time and time again. Today, the original Victorian stage machinery remains in the Alexandra Palace Theatre and has been listed and restored by English Heritage.

Postcard produced by the Friends of the Alexandra Palace Theatre. More at www.fapt.org.uk


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