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Membership of the Friends is currently a minimum of 5 a year (2 concessions). Members are kept more closely 'in the loop' than those who've signed up to receive our newsletter, and not only receive communications but also invitations to events. We are happy to post these to members (with an additional payment to cover postage).

We'd love you to join us!

The most convenient way to subscribe is to use one of the buttons below. You can pay using your visa or other debit card, or by Paypal if you have an account.

If you use the first 'subscribe' button, Paypal will ask you in one year's time if you would like to continue... if 'yes', Paypal make it easy without having to repeat your details - if 'no', then your membership ends and you will not be asked again by Paypal. If you did not previously have a Paypal account, one is created for you.

If you use the second 'subscribe' button, we will ask you in one year's time if you would like to continue. It is easier for us if you use the first button, but this second option is offered for any member who does not have a Paypal account and does not wish to have one created (although creating it does not require any more details from you).

If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please make it out to 'The Friends of Alexandra Palace Theatre' and send with your contact details to: Friends of AP Theatre membership, c/o Alexandra Palace, London, N22 7AY.

We cannot currently accept payments by bank transfer.


The subscription buttons allow you to select the standard subscription of 5, or the concessionary rate of 2 for anyone with a low income (e.g. not employed, under 18 years etc). We don't check, and we rely on you to update your subscription at renewal if appropriate.

If you are a new member, it would be good to have your home address and phone number. Please email mail@fapt.org.uk with these details, or with any comments or questions, or if you would be interested in becoming more involved, perhaps with an event, historical aspects, publications, fund-raising or any other activity.

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Donations have been and remain essential for the on-going work of restoring the Theatre. The Friends have raised and donated sums of several thousand pounds, and Alexandra Palace have many more opportunities at all levels on the main fund-raising pages of the theatre website - here. If you are keen to help FAPT (eg by funding a publication or fund-raising event), we would be delighted to hear from you. Donations to both the Friends and the main project are charitable, and under the governance of the Alexandra Palace Charitable Trust. Donations made using the button below do not require a Paypal account. Donations may also be made by cheque as above.